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Name:Keith Valentine
OOC Information:
Name: Ria
Age: 28
AIM: LadyThief42
Are you new? If not, list your current characters: I am definitely new here.

IC Information:
Name: Keith Valentine
Fandom: Shadow Hearts
Timeline: Mid-game, after being knocked unconscious in Calios Mental Hospital
Age: Unknown, but definitely 200+
Appearance: Keith is a tall, thin blond man who appears to be somewhere in his late thirties or early forties. He wears an archaic purple velvet suit which ought to look ridiculous but somehow suits him. Under normal circumstances, he also carries an antique sword.

Abilities: Keith is a vampire, of the Valentine family. It is implied, though never outright stated, that the Valentines are all born vampires. He is an excellent swordsman; that is his primary mode of attack, and he is stronger and faster than most humans. He has also been known to turn invisible if he wishes.

Powers wise, he has access to several magical rituals that have been passed down through the Valentine clan. These include a vampiric healing spell (hurt the enemy, heal him), spells that summon a phantom swarm of bats, a giant, and small formless demons to attack, and a spell that summons a fairy to heal status ailments (for lack of a better term.) These spells do require him to concentrate on them before they'll go off.

Personality: Normally, Keith is a fairly easy-going gentleman. He seldom gets angry, but when he does, it's more of a cold, controlled anger. He will eliminate the issue with as much expediency as possible, then be done with it. One of the surest ways to make him angry is to threaten anything he sees it as his duty to protect, or to threaten or harm a child and let him find out about it.

He is very fond of children, and will play with them every chance he gets. Normally, he comes across as a serious, quiet man with a subtle sense of humor, but he has been known to hold hands with a small child and go skipping through the forest just for the sheer joy of doing so. It is notable that he can do this without coming across as a pedophile. (He is not, for reference.)

He's a loyal, dependable sort of friend with a chilvarous streak that sometimes seems odd in the current day and age. If he agrees to help someone, he will see it through to the end.

He also has a slightly adventerous streak: he can become bored and listless without any stimulation, but he doesn't actively seek it out on his own. He doesn't have any problems joining anyone else, though.

Keith is also quietly, but quite definitely gay. It seldom comes up, because he understands it makes some people uncomfortable, and in any case, he would feel it improper to make advances regardless of his orientation.

History: The Valentine family of Blue Castle have been the hereditary lords of the town of Bistritz for generations, and Keith is the current lord. Not much is known of his past, except that he fell asleep for about two hundred years.

It was quite a rude awakening when a demon decided to roost in his tower. The sheer power of the demon was enough to wake him. He tried to get rid of it, but it was too strong for him to deal with on his own. The best he could do was sealing the tower to keep it contained.

Once that was done, he explored the area, to see what had changed. In the course of his explorations, he saved a young girl, Nina, from wolves, and the two quickly became friends.

Shortly after the demon's arrival, two excorcists from Prague arrived in Bistritz: Alice Elliot and Li Zhuzhen. They had been hired to investigate the sudden monster activity in the area.

He was quite surprised to have visitors, and chagrined to realize that the people of Bistritz thought the monsters had come because of him. He explained that he would never dream of doing anything to harm the people of Bistritz, and fortunately, Alice and Zhuzhen believed him. (They believed him mostly because they had spoken to Nina, who insisted that Keith would never hurt anyone.)

Because he had an interest in protecting Bistritz, he joined Alice and Zhuzhen in their investigations. The real culprit turned out to be the town's mayor, who was summoning monsters as part of a plan to find the (non-existant) treasure of Blue Castle. Keith was already angry about that, but then the mayor made the mistake of kidnapping Nina's mother and threatening her. And Keith simply wouldn't have that.

Between him, Alice, and Zhuzhen, they were able to solve the problem. They ultimately had to kill the mayor to rescue Nina's mother, but by that point, he'd turned into a demon himself.

Keith was so impressed with Alice and Zhuzhen's skills that he asked them to help him with the demon in his tower. They agreed, so he took the seal down and they went to fight it.

The demon turned out to be Yuri Hyuga, a Harmonixer who had gone temporarily mad. (Harmonixers are people who can essentially shapeshift into demons.) He was also a dear friend of Alice and Zhuzhen's; they had in fact been looking for him for several months. It took all three of them to beat him into submission, but eventually, Alice was able to get through to him.

Keith found the entire episode so exciting that he asked to travel with them for a time, and they agreed. They returned to Prague, where Alice was promptly attacked by a witch. As a result of this, the group went to Rouen (where the witch went for them yet again), and then to London in search of the man who had orchestrated the attacks. Keith came along, both for the excitement and concern for his new friends.

While they were in London, they met Halley Brancket, who was living in an abandoned house, and protecting some smaller children along with his friend Chris. A local orphanage was taking children, and Halley (correctly) thought they were dangerous. It turned out that the group's quarry had once owned the building that the orphanage now occupied. Halley reluctantly agreed to take them there, but Jack, the man who ran the orphanage refused to give them any information.

However, before any further investigations could be made, Chris and the children that Halley was caring for went missing: taken by the orphanage. Because no one wanted children to be hurt (least of all Keith), they agreed to help Halley get them back. The orphanage turned out to be a house of horrors, and Jack was a dangerous psychopath doing unspeakable experiments in an attempt to bring his dead mother back to life. The group was just in time to rescue the children and prevent Chris from being sacrificed, though they had to go through Jack and fight the demon resulting from his experiments to do it.

After that, they found out more from Halley: he wasn't technically an orphan, his mother Koudelka had been imprisoned in a mental hospital when he was a child. Naturally, the group volunteered to go rescue her. Halley, Yuri, and Keith were the ones that ultimately went.

Calios Mental Hospital was another scene of horror; it was run by the only surviving members of the Inquisition, who were busily torturing any one they considered a "heretic"... which was pretty much everyone else. They were holding Koudelka, trying to force her to power a ritual that the man the group had been hunting wished to use to summon God.

The three of them managed to force their way through the place, ultimately finding Koudelka's cell. They were separated, Halley crawling through a vent the others were too large to fit through. Yuri and Keith managed to get the door open a few minutes later, only to discover that it was a trap. Halley had been incapacitated by the villian, who was in the process of threatening his life to make Koudelka cooperate.

Of course, Yuri and Keith tried to rescue him, but they were both knocked out...

Roleplay Sample - Log: (Written in third person, past tense, any setting [Changed 6/25! - 'any canon setting - or Facility based.'] )
Keith prowled around in the corridors. He was still getting used to this.... incredibly odd situtation he found himself in. It raised all kinds of troublesome speculations, not to mention that all of the unknowns about this place and how he'd come to it just made him worry more about his compatriots and the mission they had been on. Halley and Yuri weren't here, he'd made sure of that. Apparently, it had just been him that had been taken away when he'd been knocked unconscious at Calios. So one could presume that Halley and Yuri were still able to act, able to get back on Simon's trail. He refused to entertain any other possibility.

And one shall be taken and the other left, he remembered hazily. He'd never been much of a biblical scholar. Religion did not in general appeal to him. He had, for a time, briefly toyed with the idea that this was the afterlife, but had discarded it after some consideration. One would presume that the afterlife would have far more refined decorative sensibilities.

He'd been informed that he couldn't simply leave, which didn't really make him happy. But for the time being, at least, he appeared to be stuck with it. Someone, he couldn't remember the name, had advised him to find an apartment, which he took to be what Alice called a flat. And finding his own living quarters did seem like a sensible idea.

Now if only he could find his way around this bedeviled place...

Roleplay Sample - Journal:
[The video feed turns on, clearly by accident since the man holding it is doing so upside down and was in midsentence.] -at's curious... I wonder if-

[He suddenly notices the video on the screen and promptly looks utterly astonished. There are a few moments of visual nonsense as he fumbles with it and tries to find the proper orientation.] Well, now, isn't that interesting? What in the world...

[He shakes his head. What the strange device is and what its purpose is are entirely secondary concerns. There are other, more pressing matters on his mind. He looks away from the camera, obviously looking around the room he's in, though he doesn't put it down.]

Halley! Yuri! Can you hear me? [He apparently gets no response, because he starts moving towards the exit. He mutters to himself, oblivious that the microphone is picking him up.]

Damn the man, why did he have to take up with a hag? And what were we thinking, walking into a trap like that? Behaving like I was still a mere child of fifty...

[He raises his voice again, calling out.] Halley! Yuri! ... Madame Koudelka! [The camera pauses, and there is an audible sigh.] I can tell this is going to be troublesome... Now where did my sword get off to?

This game includes horrible mental and physical torture of your character. After reading the rules/faq for clarification, how do you expect your character to handle this and continue to function? Keith is no stranger to awful things, and has a very strong force of character. Certain things will horrify him, of course, and I expect that the various horrible things he'll have to endure will definitely be a strain on him. But it will help a lot if he can focus on protecting other people, particularly children. He's willing to endure nearly anything if it means protecting others.

Additionally, once one gets past his initial reserve (more a product of his Victorian sensibilites than anything else), he's the sort that makes friends easily. And having friends makes all kinds of things MUCH easier to handle. The fact that it also opens up the possibilites to inflict additional trauma on him is entirely irrelevant.

Overall Info:
Death: Please discuss beforehand
Smut: Fade to black
Orientation: Strictly gay

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